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Flanders Scientific monitors come fully calibrated, but like all displays will benefit from recalibration over time. Flanders Scientific offers a wide variety of recalibration options to suit all budgets and needs. For more information visit:
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WiFi to Ethernet Adapter LightSpace FSI LUTs LightSpace LUTs (LUT Conversion - All Formats)
Our Price: 50.00 Exc VAT
Our Price: 55.00 Exc VAT
Our Price: 55.00 Exc VAT
WiFi To Ethernet Adapter LightSpace FSI DIT LUT Converter
Wi-Fi to Ethernet adapter for ethernet equipped FSI monitors. Includes ethernet and power connections. LightSpace FSI DIT LUT Converter. Converts from most formats to FSI LUT formats. Allows virtually any LUT format to be converted to any other format.
Lattice Adapter & Calibration for CA-210 / 310 Tangent Element Bt Panel
Our Price: 185.00 Exc VAT
Our Price: 415.00 Exc VAT
List Price: 525.00 Exc VAT
Lattice LUT Editor and Conversion Software ADPT-CA210 Tangent Element Bt programmable button panel
Lattice LUT Editor and Conversion Software DCAA-CA210 Passive Adapter. Includes calibration of spectroradiometer determined offsets files for every current FSI monitor model. Tangent Element Bt (programmable button) panel.
LightSpace FSI LTE (Works Only with Included Basic Probe) CalMAN for FSI with Basic Probe Tangent Element Kb Panel
Our Price: 540.00 Exc VAT
Price: 540.00 Exc VAT
List Price: 725.00 Exc VAT
LightSpace FSI LTE CalMAN for FSI with i1 Display Tangent Element Kb programmable knob panel
Light version of LightSpace for FSI monitors. Allows for calibration of FSI monitors with the basic probe included in this package. Not compatible with other probes. SpectraCal CalMAN for FSI with basic colorimeter. Tangent Element Kb (programmable knob) panel.
BoxIO Lite SDI LightSpace FSI Pro (Works with All Probes) Tangent Element Mf Panel
Price: 860.00 Exc VAT
Our Price: 870.00 Exc VAT
List Price: 875.00 Exc VAT
BoxIO Lite SDI LightSpace FSI Pro Tangent Element Mf Multifunciton panel
Advanced color management device / LUT Box. LightSpace FSI Pro. Works with all LightSpace supported probes for calibration of FSI monitors. Tangent Element Mf (Multifunction) panel.
Tangent Element Tk Panel BoxIO CalMAN for FSI with C6 & Virtual Forge Software Bundle
List Price: 950.00 Exc VAT
Price: 1,055.00 Exc VAT
Price: 1,100.00 Exc VAT
Tangent Element Tk Trackerball panel BoxIO CalMan for FSI with C6 VFS bundle
Tangent Element Tk (Trackerball) panel. Advanced dual-channel color management device / LUT Box. SpectraCal CalMAN for FSI, C6 Colorimeter, and Virtual Forge Software bundle.