Why don't  I see any UPS shipping options, only "Pick-up in Store"?

Our real-time integration with UPS has many advantages, it allows you to check for accurate pricing without waiting for us to send you a shipping quote, and the shipping address details you enter will be used directly to book shipping and to create the actual shipping labels, avoiding errors and misunderstandings.

However, data need to be entered correctly, if not, the UPS system will not accept them and will not return shipping calculations.

Please check the following points if you do not see UPS options during checkout:

  • Phone Number: Please only use the full international number in the format: +32 3 500 95 83. Spaces and numbers are allowed, please avoid all other characters. The number has to have at lease 10 digits.

  • Postal Code: UPS uses postal codes to determine price and the correct delivery location, please check if the postal code is correct, and use the correct format for your country. Customers in Ireland,  please use your correct Eircode, any other older indications are not accepted.

  • Address Line: Avoid very long address lines, use abbreviations if necessary.

  • Large Volumes: If the total volume or weight of your order exceeds the UPS parcel limit, we can not use the normal UPS service, please contact us for shipping options. Large monitors like the XM650U or the AM550 can not ship with UPS parcel services.