Shipping Help

        Possible causes and solutions if you don't see any UPS shipping options during checkout. 

        Check your phone number. UPS requires phone numbers with minimum 10 digits or it will not give any shipping options. For consistency, best use your complete telephone number including country code, starting with + but without any spaces or other characters, for example +3235009583. Your phone number will be be used when your order ships, if this number is not correct, UPS will not be able to contact you in case something goes wrong with the delivery of your order. 
        Your package or the total of the packages in your order is too large to ship with UPS Parcel Service. Large format monitors like XM650U and AM550 must use UPS Express Freight. Choose "Request Formal Quotation" as shipping option, we will send you a quote including shipping cost within 24 hours.

        You are in a country where special import procedures are required. For some countries like the Russian Federation, we need to work with an external logistics agent. Choose "Request Formal Quotation" as shipping option, we will contact our logistics agent and send you a quote as soon as possible. This can take a few days.

        You are not in Europe. We ship to all European countries, EU and non-EU, including Russian Federation and Turkey. For all other countries, please visit the US International Web Shop