Refurbished BoxIO

Advanced dual-channel color management device (LUT Box). Refurbished and re-certified unit in perfect working condition. Comes with one year warranty. Normal price 1245 EUR, you save 125 EUR.

BM090 B-Stock + Clear Protective Cover

Full HD 9". 3G/Dual-Link/HD/SD-SDI, analog and DVI-I inputs. Dual input display & CFE2 with DIT LUT import. Includes V-Mount battery plate. Nearly new unit, comes calibrated and with 2 years warranty. Normal price 2960 EUR, you save 865 EUR.

AM420 B-Stock

42" 10 bit LCD panel. 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog and DVI-I inputs. CFE color management. Refurbished unit with a brand new panel, as new, comes calibrated and with full 2 years warranty. Normal price 4430 EUR, you save 480 EUR.

FSI Solutions Hood for AM250, CM250 & DM250

Snap-on hood for AM250, CM250 and DM250.


Ships approximately 4 weeks after receipt of order

FSI Solutions Yoke Mount for AM250, CM250 & DM250

Affordable and lightweight FSI Solutions yoke mount for AM250, CM250 and DM250.

NORMAL PRICE 255 EUR/215 GBP, 50% off.

In Stock

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