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FSI Specific Version of LightSpace. Works only with included X-Rite i1 Display Pro OEM probe.

Availability: Ships approximately 3 weeks after receipt of order

This version of LightSpace CMS comes bundled with a basic probe and is designed for calibration of FSI monitors with CFE, CFE2, or CFE3 boards. LightSpace FSI LTE is also compatible with all BoxIO models. LightSpace FSI LTE is only compatible with the bundled probe and only exports LUTs in FSI formats (.dat and .cfe). This software is best suited for those that simply want an affordable calibration solution that they can use in house with their FSI monitors or BoxIO devices. While it does not offer some of the advanced features of the full LightSpace software you can always upgrade at anytime in the future.

You get the following capabilities and benefits with this bundle:

  • OEM x-Rite probe with detailed probe specific spectroradiometer determined offset data files for all FSI monitor technologies (CCFL, OLED, White LED, RGB LED)
  • Monitor quick profiling
  • Monitor cube profiling
  • 3D LUT creation from display profiles
  • Export of 3D LUTs in FSI formats, compatible with all FSI monitors equipped with CFE, CFE2, or CFE3 boards
  • Direct upload of LUTs to all BoxIO models
  • Import of any LUT format with ability to then export in FSI formats
  • Compatible with DaVinci Resolve allowing you to use Resolve and your professional BMD I/O card as your test patch generator.
  • Compatible with FSI's BoxIO for display profiling (patch generation during profiling)
Please note this is a Windows based application, but it will run well in Parallels or other Windows virtualization software on a Mac.

Offset File Benefits:

When you purchase this bundle from FSI we provide you with offset files for your specific probe that can be loaded into LightSpace to provide accurate measurement of various FSI display technologies. These offset files are created against our reference 5nm spectral bandwidth spectroradiometer and provide a much greater degree of accuracy than the generic offsets otherwise available.

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See our FSI specific LightSpace CMS instructions here

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